Yin Candle and Travel Spray set



For Mother's Day, enjoy 15% off our Yin candle and travel spray set inspired by the Yin energy, subtle, refined with floral, gourmand and woody notes.

This set contains:

• Hypnotizing Fire 190g Candle - £65
• Moon Glory Parfum Travel Spray 8.5ml - £45 

Yin - Hypnotizing Fire Candle
Like the gentle candle flame, mesmerizing and warm, this fragrance glows with soft, luxurious heat. Pimento berries blend to the subtle, sensuous scent of Bulgarian rose. Mysterious patchouli and resinous benzoin combine with elegant vanilla to bring us back to the flickering flames where warmth meets sensuality. Hypnotizing Fire – a flame of seduction.

Yin - Moon Glory Travel Spray
Moon Glory celebrates the poetry of the moon. The fragrance is rooted in the intoxicating scent of flowers at dusk. The delicacy of Hawaiian jasmine, Queen of the Night and passionflower is paired with the sweetness of lychee, honey and the creamy and woody notes of sandalwood. It’s a graceful fragrance that embraces the wearer.