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Yin Wood

Each season has a unique energy that has a profound affect on all living beings. When we can synchronise ourselves with the energy of the season then our life becomes smoother and more harmonious. 

The season of winter is a season of calm contemplation. Nature shows us that this is the season to recover and recharge. We can observe this in nature; animals hibernate so that they can reset themselves and be ready for when spring comes.  This is the season when yin dominates yang. A time for replenishment and nourishment from the inside out. The Qi that has been used throughout the year needs to be renewed and refreshed.

 It is the season to rebalance and realign our minds and bodies. We know that after a good rest we are ready to work at our potential. The seasons demonstrate this cycle to us: in winter nature sleeps but deep under the earth the activity is already happening to prepare for the next season. We too must learn from nature and follow its cycle. We need to replenish and restore our energy, so that we can take action when the time is right for us.

We need to do more yin and gentle exercises to sync ourselves with the season as too much yang activity could over-exert us.

This is the season of the Water element, thus, this season water is the leader of the five elements. The organ that the winter season relates to is the kidneys. When our kidneys are in stress we can feel emotionally exhausted and anxious. Thus to protect our kidneys we must get enough rest and try and sleep earlier, as the energy of the kidneys is related to night time.

When we go outdoors we must wrap up warm, especially on our lower back as this is the area related with the kidneys.

The emotion associated with winter and the water element is ‘fear’ and fear can be a double edged sword, because it can both protect and harm us. When we are in a balanced state then what we fear can push us forward, but when we are in an unbalanced state then we may get stuck in the fear mindset and then the fear may hold us back. So in winter we need to make an extra effort to take care of our minds so that we can stay relaxed so our fear does not get out of control.

The key direction associated with the water element is the north so pay attention to this direction and keep it clear and clean. 

Each season will interact with you in an unique way dependent on your personal element. There are six aspects that will vary in strength each season; wisdom, socialising, creativity, seduction, prosperity and status. Since your personal element is yin wood your strongest aspects this season are wisdom and socialising.

This season is in harmony with your wisdom and wellness both mental and physical. Make an intentional effort to look after your body by doing gentle exercises daily such as yoga, as well as feeding your body with healthy nourishing soups made with fresh vegetables and herbs, that warm you from the inside. Reduce your intake of cold foods this season to support the yang Qi in the body.

Spending time in nature by calming water will also help you with getting in touch with your inner wisdom. Therefore, spend more time by the water this season to revitalise and refresh your energy. The gentle sound of water will help relax your mind. 

To further ground and calm your mind and body make time for yoga and meditation. When we take care of our mind and body it is able to support us better. 

The fragrances that should support your energy for wisdom and help with clarity of thought are the sacred water and guiding water elixirs.

This is a good time to be seeking wisdom from mentors and elders so that you can take your life forward in a more purposeful direction. A supportive time for collecting your thoughts and reflection is late evening.

This season will also support your socialising, so make plans to connect with people both online and in person for both your personal and work life.

Socialising is not just necessary for your work and personal life, it is also integral for supporting your mental wellness. Communicating with people and interacting especially in person can be very good for our mental health. When we can support others and make them smile and laugh it gives us ‘feel good’ vibes too. 

If you are organising a social or networking event, light the golden wood and magnetic wood candles to optimise the energy.

The colour that you could wear or accessorise with to enhance socialising energy with is green.

The elixirs that should enhance your socialising energy are the golden wood and magnetic wood fragrances so wear these when you go out.  A supportive time for organising to meet up would be morning.

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